If you have an original ICOM IC-756 your probably having problems with the display.  ICOM's fix is for you to send the display back to them, you pay shipping both ways, and they send it back to the original manufacturer (Sanyo) to be re-furbished. By the time this is done, it will probably run you around $500 US.  Although THIS FIX isn't exactly cheeeeeep, It's a tad better price wise then sending it to icom. I spent a total of $297.50 US and about 2.5 hours to fix mine. The kit price is 185 Euros, that at the time converted into 297.50 US Dollars
You can order the parts for this fix from  http://www.pdatechcenter.nl/ham/index.html .

<==  FRONT  and  BACK== >
    of new display as received

Be for-warned, this process does take a little work and a little patients and skill. If your careful, put all the parts in a small container (so as not to mis-place anything), and follow the instructions step by step, and have some basic tools and a little soldering experience, it can be accomplished by almost anyone. If you are uncomfortable doing your own work, the Techcenter can do it for you at a reasonable cost.

The basic mods to the PC board that the display is mounted too, involves removing the display module, removing 3 surface mount resistors, cutting a lead to an inductor, making 3 trace cuts with an Exacto knife and adding 2 jumpers and mounting the new display module.

If you do decide to jump in and do it yourself, read the instructions on the web site until you have them memorized. I made a separate check list of everything to do. Before soldering jumper to the printed circuit board feed through, lightly scrape the soldering mask of the feed-through point and tin the attachment points. Be careful not to scrape so hard that you damage the feed through or trace at the W1 feed through point. The on-line instruction manual is very well done. By clicking on the pics in the manual, you get beautiful blow ups of the PC boards, making it clear of where everything is to be done.